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"Outside In," nominated for Best of the Net 2018, Nine Muses Poetry

“The year Frank Serpico attended my Halloween Party,” Riggwelter, forthcoming, 2019

“I know my name and I know yours,” “Gardening is an honor system,” and “The Last Time Making Love,” Bonnie’s Crew, forthcoming, 2019

“Call Me Charon,” Three Drops from a Cauldron, forthcoming, 2019

“Sleepover,” We Will Not Be Silenced, anthology, forthcoming, 2019

“Driven Thru,” reprinted in We Will Not Be Silenced, anthology, Indie Blue Publishing, forthcoming, 2019

“While your husband is still able to stand,” reprinted in Persona Non Grata, anthology, Fly on the Wall Press, 2018

“Homesick,” Constellate Journal, 2018

"Knowledge," "Outside In," and "All the Previous Deaths Were Un-Posted," Nine Muses Poetry, 2018

"Remember this:" Autumn Sky Daily, 2018

"In Memoriam," and "When you reach to flush the toilet and your hand looks             exactly like your mother's," Rat's Ass Review, 2018

"Secret Sauce," Dime Show Review, 2018

"No One Knew," The Opiate, 2018

"Bartering in MI," The Opiate, 2018

"Driven Thru," New Verse News, 2018

"Superstitions," Eunoia Review, 2017

"While your husband is still able to stand," Poetry Breakfast, 2017

"The kindness of strangers," Amaryllis, 2017

"Have Love," Muddy River Poetry Review, 2017

"Spilling forth," Mothers Always Write, 2017

"Love Begets Love," The Literary Nest, 2017

"Going Hungry," Three Line Poetry, 2017

"How Contentment Comes," Unbroken Journal, 2017

"Spring," Halcyon Days, 2017

"And then you can't breathe," Corvus Review, 2017

"Father's Botany Lessons," Yellow Chair Review, 2016

"The trouble with pairs," Ink Sweat & Tears, 2016

"When a leaf blowing in the wind seems like a hello," Mused: BellaOnline                  Literary Review, 2016

"Doorbell Advised," Melancholy Hyperbole, 2016

 "Most of the Days of the Week," reprinted in Words for the Year, 2015

"X,Y,C," Euonia Review, 2015

"Most of the Days of the Week," Melancholy Hyperbole, 2015

"Times Square, 1977,"  Poetry Quarterly, 2015

"The Height of Gladness,"  Muddy River Poetry Review, 2014

"Night Terrors," The Blue Hour Magazine, 2014

"Rose Colored Lovers,"  Poetry Quarterly , 2014

"Phantom Limbs,"  Boston Literary Magazine, 2011

"Upon a Poem" & "I couldn't throw you against a wall," Nibble, 2010


"Ashes, Ashes,” memoir excerpt, Florida English Journal of Creative Arts, forthcoming 2018

"An American Christmas Story, 1991," Words Apart, 2016

"Clothes," Mothers Always Write, 2016


"Rotary Dial,Every Day Fiction, 2018

"The Grief Eater," Easy Street, 2017

"Trespassing," Connotation Press, 2017

"There once was a man who thought too much," Beorh Quarterly, 2015

"Yo-Yo," (with interview), Connotation Press, 2014

"By Sweater," Grey Sparrow Press, 2011

"He Undertook Her," Bartleby Snopes, 2010

"The Grief Eater," Picayune, 2010

"Pills and Other Necessities," Down in the Dirt, 2010